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Want to learn more about the composition of your soil and how it might be treated for optimal field results?

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The more you know about your soil, the better you can tend to your landscape and property to make sure it remains healthy and beautiful. It all starts with soil testing in Central IN. At BCS Soil Testing, we specialize in soil testing and can tell you everything you need to know about your soil nutrition, soil health, and productivity with proper balance ratios.

All samples are georeferenced to provide variable rate applications sent to your applicator. Our goal is to give you the insight you need to properly tend to your property.

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Compost to Manure Testing

Manure and compost testing are vital in today’s productive agriculture. Manures, if applied correctly, provide proper nutrition that enhances earthworm vitalization while saving N,P,K and other important nutrients. Using PSNT, presidedress nitrate test, helps determine amount of nitrogen applied after manures or compost applications. It’s agronomically and environmentally sound management.

Nutrient-rich soil is great for growing certain types of crops. Likewise, soil lacking in vital nutrients can pose a major barrier when it comes to the proper soil balance chemistry for your soil and crops. We can then recommend the right course of action—such as fertilization or nitrate treatments. The goal is to understand where soil imbalances exist and how to remedy them to give your field the best foundation for growth.

Trust UAS – Unmanned Aerial Systems

FAA Licensed and Certified, to monitor field conditions.

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Using independent laboratory, analysis provided by Brookside Labs.


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Our qualifications include:

  • Certified Horticulturist
  • Certified Professional Agronomist
  • Certified Crop Advisor
  • Licensed and Certified by the Office of Indiana State Chemists

We also further our mission as professionals by partnering and enrolling in relevant industry organizations. Some of the associations we maintain include:

  • Clinton County Chamber of Commerce
  • Graduate of Purdue University

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