Agricultural Services

  • Environmentally sound manure management planning using (vrt) variable rate technology. This ensures that proper amounts of manure are applied to their respective areas.
  • Farm mapping, soil analysis, and crop scouting to assist in making informed decisions; using soil types or management zones for vrt application.
  • Crop residue and cover crop management to shield soil from rain and wind and prevent erosion.
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Nick testing crop 2As part of developing a CNMP (Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan) for a dairy producer, here's Nick checking stalk quality during dry weather.
comprehensive nutrient management plans
nitrogen variationsNitrogen application mishap? Applicator clogged? This affects your bottom line. An organic producer cultivating.  
White mold disease inspectionSclerotinia Stem Rot (White Mold) disease in soybeans.
scouting for diseasesSDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) in soybeans.

variable rate application mapsThis map depicts different management zones being used for a phosphorus test. All soil testing is geo-referenced. It's very advantageous to use spatial technology for applying lime and fertilizers. Soils vary so much, that much money is wasted where applications are not warranted.
Sampling in wheat stubble before the fall rush.

Agricultural Solutions

Manure Management Planning (MMP)

What is Manure?

A very valuable natural resource that can reduce the need for commercial fertilizers. Vast sources including chickens, hogs, or dairy help supplement soil's productivity. Our service monitors levels both in the soil and manure storage containments in order to implement application in the most warranted locations. This resource improves tilth, drainage, organic matter, moisture holding capacity, and provides bacterial microflora.

Manure Management Planning (MMP)

Fact: Manure is a resource, not a waste. Are you utilizing the full nutrient value of manure? Do you know the analysis of your resource?
  • Manures provide a full nutrient release for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and several other available nutrients, plus biological activity improving tilth, water holding capacity, and much more.
  • MMP compliance subjected to state-by-state regulations.
  • This environmentally sound process insures that proper amounts of manure are applied to their respective areas.
  • This is part of the implementation of CNMP (Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan) by 2008 as part of the Clean Water Act.

Points of Interest (for Evaluation)

  • Reviewing data, maps, and related materials of farmstead
  • Physical assessments of buildings, outside premises, earthen storages, and lagoons
  • MMP and NMP (Nutrient Management Plan) evaluation
  • Wastewater and runoff water diversion collection points
  • Implementing BMP (Best Management Practices) and records
  • Odor control strategy
Farm Mapping and Soil Services

Farm Mapping & Soil Services

Bales Consulting Service has been in the agricultural business for over 30 years. The business has a proven reputation of helping farmers, as well as residential and commercial landowners, with agricultural and environmental concerns. Using global positioning equipment for accurate mapping is essential in today’s business and understanding soil “balance” is critical to obtaining optimum returns.

Farm Mapping

  • Fertility analysis
  • Cost analysis

Soil Services

  • Fertility analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Complete soil analysis
  • Nutrient recommendations
  • Environmental conditions in check
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Technical Service Provider (TSP)
  • Environmental Quality Incentives Plan (EQIP)
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)
  • Pest Management Plans Certified

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA)
Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg)
Soil & water conservation plans