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Bales Consulting Service offers many agronomical solutions, including:
  • Applying Liebeg’s Law to assess soil quality and confirm that required factors are present.
  • Pre-sidedress nitrogen tests to evaluate crops and determine if supplemental nitrogen is required.
  • Providing variable rate nitrogen applications.
  • Tissue testing providing "real-time" nutrient management.
  • Stalk nitrate testing.
  • Crop scouting
  • Mitigating legal disputes
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Photo:  Soil nitrate sampling prior to PSNT (pre-sidedress nitrate test) which is a great "tool" to use to determine how much nitrogen, if any, is required. PSNT works well where manures have been applied; many dollars can be saved by the use of this test.

                                                                                                                 Checking for root injury problems

: Scouting fields to assess yield factors such as population, insect damage, pollination, nutrient deficiencies, and more throughout the growing cycle.

Photo:  Checking for root injuries, chemical damage, compaction, or insects all can be a factor during early development.

: My client uses variable rate technology to apply manures.   We can furnish him data to apply to those specific areas.  This saves him money and being good stewards of nutrient management and environmentally sound.

Agronomical Solutions

Liebig's Law
Justus von Liebig, widely credited as the "father of the fertilizer industry," developed his law of the minimum in the 19th century. The law states: if one crop nutrient is missing, plant growth will be poor, even if the other elements are abundant.

Liebig used the image of a barrel, called Liebig's barrel, to visually demonstrate his law. Just as the capacity of a barrel with unequal staves is limited by the length of the shortest stave. Similarly, a plant's growth is limited by the nutrient in the soil that is shortest in supply. However, when the limiting stave is lengthened to compensate, another stave becomes the limiting factor.

Liebig's Barrel
Photo courtesy: Fertilizers of the USA
Nitrogen Testing

Nitrogen Testing

Bales Consulting Service can perform nitrate NO3 tests. The major test is called "pre-sidedress nitrate" test. This is done immediately prior to sidedressing any additional nitrogen. This allows the grower to evaluate his crop and determine if any supplemental nitrogen is required.

Important questions of Nitrate Test may be:

  • How much residual nitrogen is available?
  • Did I lose any nitrogen when I preplanted?
  • How much residual nitrogen did I get from manure application?
  • Am I losing money by not sampling?
  • Is my nitrogen going out through my tile and into streams?
  • When is the best time to incorporate my nitrogen?
  • What measures can I take to enhance my crop and environment?

Crop Scouting is provided to monitor emergence, nutrient deficiencies, pests, diseases, weeds, and any other issues that may have an impact on obtaining a viable crop.

Fields that are growing legumes or that have had manures applied should definitely use the "pre-sidedress nitrogen" test. If not, money is being lost by leaching or nitrification. Contact us for more information.