Environmental Services

Bales Consulting Service offers many environmental solutions, including:
  • Environmental audits to assess the environmental status and performance of properties, facilities, processes, and/or operations.
  • Water monitoring and testing to evaluate quality and contents of drinking water, creeks, ponds, and many other sources.
  • On-site assessments of homes or farms to anticipate any potential environmental concerns that could affect water quality.
  • Manure management, Nutrient Management Plans, Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans, EQIP, and more. 
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Environmental Solutions

Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits

  • Real estate transactions evaluations
  • Conducting an "environmental site assessment" within scope of Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) adopted 1993
  • Utilized by lending institutions
  • Commercial real estate evaluation preceding Phase I
  • Qualify for the "innocent landowner defense" to CERCLA liability
  • To identify "recognized environmental conditions" prior to sale
  • Reduce any potential landowner violations of hazardous substances or petroleum products

On-Site "Third-Party" Environmental Assessments

  • Independent environmental assessor (Bales Consulting Service)
  • Commercial, farm, or residential
  • Evaluate potential environmental hazards on entire site
  • Assessments to improve environmental quality control on premises
  • Evaluate landowners' concerted efforts to reduce or prevent any potential hazards
Assess possibilities such as:
  • Fuel storage
  • Pesticide storage and handling
  • Farm and animal waste management
  • Household and farm wastewaters
  • Drinking water
  • Air quality dispersal and directions
  • Equipment

Appropriate Inquiry

Our service is designed to help the landowner minimize hazardous conditions or contaminations, including due to petroleum, septics, pesticides, and animal waste disposals. Performing "Transaction Screens" or "On-Site" assessment could save thousands of dollars in conducting an initial survey.
Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring and Testing

Bales Consulting Service can perform scores of tests on drinking water, streams or creeks, ponds, and many other sources. We perform tests such as coliform, nitrates, volatile organic compounds, sulfur, and many more. Streams and tile passing through your property should be periodically monitored.

To insure quality water, questions addressed may include:

  • Where is the source of water located?
  • How close is the water source to petroleum storage area?
  • Is my well-head sloped to drain away any excess water?
  • Has my well been tested in the last couple of years for any contaminants?
  • Have I recently had a flood?
  • How shallow is the well and what is the depth of the area's watertable?
  • Is the well away from other runoff sources such as feedlots or wastewaster?
The above questions address some valid points of interest everyone needs to ask themselves. Our service will evaluate and critique the water. All tests are performed by a certified laboratory for accurate analysis. If you believe you have a problem or wish for us to evaluate your situation, please call us.
On-Site Assessments

On-site Assessments

Bales Consulting Service conducts a complete survey of your farm. Many points of importance are being introduced through the cooperation of CSREES, USDA, NRCS, and EPA guidelines. This is to provide an assessment of any potential environmental concerns that could affect the water quality. This is a "first-step" approach that a landowner can perform showing a conscientious and proactive approach for determining any potential hazards on the property.

Farm-on-site Assessment

  • Fertilizer and pesticide handling and storages
  • Petroleum storage
  • Hazardous waste disposal and containments
  • Livestock waste resource allocation and containments
  • Silage leachate and containment
  • Compost leachate and containment
  • Animal feedlots
  • Milking wastewater disposal
  • Farmstead water removal
  • Overall farmstead evaluation

Home-on-site Assessment

  • Water quality parameters around your home
  • Drinking water management
  • Household and stormwater runoff
  • Safe storage of hazardous products
  • Identifying lead sources and testing of lead sources
  • Well and septic location and proper management
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Lawns, gardens, and landscaping
  • Household air quality
  • Waste utilization and composting
  • Drinking water test for bacteria, nitrates, etc.
The above areas are some of the many points that our service evaluates. The goal is to help you be proactive and know whether your home is subject to any health or environmental hazards. Knowing that your home is safe is a gratifying experience for the health of your family. 

If you have questions regarding your farmstead or home, contact our service. It is best to be prepared and take a self-control approach rather than be subjected to questionable scrutiny.