About BCS-Bales Consulting Service (Bug Busters Pest Control)

Bust Busters Pest Control, owned by Bales Consulting Service, provides pest control servicesBug Busters Pest Control:  certified and licensed pest control for Clinton and surrounding counties in central Indiana. We provide the extermination of all insects, rodents, moles or groundhogs, termites and even mosquitos; using top quality products to protect your home or business. We're a certified and licensed company that will help you prevent and eliminate problems in your home, farm, or business areas.  

We're here to provide local services that are tailored to your needs. 
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Bug Busters crew 
Bug Busters training.
Termite damage 
Termite damage.
 Termites can destroy floor sills
Termites can destroy floor sills.
Bed bugs 
Bed bugs on a mattress.